# Import Your Angular Scss Files in Storybook

Most commonly there is a need to include som set of global or external styles for storybooking Angular projects. As many use cases as there is ways of organizing styles I guess 😅

Add a file responsible for importing styles.

 |--style-loader.scss 🆕

Import the styles you need.

// style-loader.scss
@import "/path/to/my/global/styles";

Then tell storybook to include those styles by editing preview.js

// preview.js
import '!style-loader!css-loader!sass-loader!./scss-loader.scss';

# If your design system/css is depending on some root tag/attribute

It is not unusual that there is some special "hinge" near the root of your html DOM tree that in some ways controls part of your styles.

Storybook allows for manipulating the body by including a custom file named preview-body.html and putting ypur content there. There is a similar option 'preview-head.html' if you want to include something on the <head>-tag

 |--preview-body.html 🆕

So we could do something like this

<!-- preview-body.html -->
<html app-theme="light"></html>

With storybook outputting something like this

<iframe data-is-storybook="true" id="storybook-preview-iframe" title="storybook-preview-iframe" src="iframe.html?id=*&amp;viewMode=story" allowfullscreen="" class="css-crh05v" data-dashlane-rid="a0c96268093f1442" data-form-type="" data-is-loaded="true" data-dashlane-frameid="25769803777">
    <html app-theme="light" lang="en">
Last updated: September 1st 2021