# All stories in a nx workspace

# 1 Generate a wrapper library

This library has the lone responsbility of settilng up a storybook that includes all the stories in your workspace

nx generate @nrwl/angular:storybook-configuration --name=all-stories

# 2 Modify main.js

We want main.js to include stories for the whole solution. So we change the stories-value to

// ./libs/all-stories/.storybook/main.js
const allStories = ['../../**/*.stories.ts'];;
module.exports = {
    stories: allStories

# 3 Modify your typescript config

We want to include files from the root of the workspace so we modify the "include"-array in tsconfig.json

// ./libs/all-stories/.storybook/tsconfig.json
  "include": ["../../../**/*.ts", "*.js"]

# 4 Thats it! 🎉

Run this and your good to go

nx storybook all-stories
Last updated: June 1st 2022